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Company profile --- EP 2008
EP begun as a specialized manufacturer of material handling equipment and OEM products for the worldwide market, after 20 years of development E-P has grown into a manufacturer that will not only supply a global range of material handling equipment but also provide excellent after sales services. As a China based company, we are special. Our international management team allows us to understand and work for the global market. That is why we say about ourselves: we are local but we are special…
Here at EP we have many competitive advantages that allow us to give our customers the best possible value. Follow the points below to find points below to find out more about EP.
EP wants to benefit its customers by giving them all the above. In the future we hope that more and more new friends will join us to enjoy our success as outlined in our company motto: Let’s grow together.
One stop sources:
We produce a wide range of material handing products to suit all your materials handling needs and have an extensive range of replacement parts for your equipment maintenance needs. Our products range from hand pallet trucks to forklift trucks and include everything in between. It is our goal to fulfill all your material handling needs by eliminating the need to individually source pieces of equipment. Working with EP will save your time sourcing products, and benefit your business from EP’S one stop service.
International management
As a China based company with international subsidiaries, we can combine cost effective production and an international management team to create the best value for our customers.
Our management profile:
John He
President of EP Group
Education background:
Masters degree in Engineering from Southwest Jiaotong University, China. Professor of Southwest Jiaotong University.
More than 20 years experience in running successful businesses and international trading, excellent engineering knowledge background including innovation and R&D of material handling equipment.
Mikio Saido
Director of EP Group
President of E-P Equipment Japan Co., Ltd
23 years with Nissan company until retiring on July 2004;
Excellent international sales managing experience in the European and Asian markets with a specialty in Sino-Russian trading.
Vice president of EP-Equipment USA Co., Ltd
Extensive knowledge of the US market through more than 40 years of industrial experience. Successfully established TCM and built business up between EP-China and EP-USA.
We are building the best equipment
Here at EP we place emphasis on getting things right first time and ensuring that what we ship from our warehouse is of the highest quality.
We rely on our own extensive experience and work closely with technicians from Japan to ensure that our methods are up to date and stand up to industry standards.
Our confidence in our own standards is reflected in our 2 year warranty policy.
We use a wide range of high quality components such as international engines including Nissan, Mazda and Isuzu as well as tires produced by a Sino-British companyalso control system from Curtis and Zapi…
All of our products are subject to ISO9001 system, rigorous QC testing and electric equipment has a 2 hours durable test and PDI before shipment.
Online service 
EP offers an online service in order to provide 24 hours coverage. On line engineers will respond to any request within 24 hours.
Our Online parts ordering service and parts claim system is a powerful resource to our customer and our co-operation with TVH FORKLIFT PARTS has lead to the accumulation of a substantial catalog of parts in different countries; meantime, we also have a large parts storage support in EP overseas company such as EP-USA.
2008 will see the release of our AC (alternating current) range of electric truck stackers
Advanced technology, made accessible through our partnership with SEEGRID (www.seegrid.com) has lead to the development of our Smart Truck.
EP is cooperating with top one material solution industry university in China, developing on-line software to offers solutions designed for its customers, from basic product support to advice on the most suitable equipment to use as well as customer training and after sales service… whatever customers need EP will design the best solution for them. 加上技术部的照片
Outstanding achievement
Through years of hard work, we have seen a significant increase in annual revenue.
For each of the last 5 years we have had at least a 30% growth rate. In total EP sold 8000 units of equipment from class I-class V in year 2007. Export sales turnover for the year 2007 reached more than 90,000,000 USD.
Expanding map
EP has factories in HangZhou, JinJing and new facility in AnJi in order to support the large demand from our global customer base. 
EP’s new 150,000 square meters facility